The Small Hall Sessions bring HB Music Month to Haumoana

51-53 Haumoana Road, Hastings

Celebrating Hawke’s Bay’s locally grown music in our local halls, our first night, we bring you three extraordinary artists.

First up tonight we have Late Bloomers. Te Awanga based Collin Littlewood has been playing cafes, wineries, private gigs and fund-raising events for many years, solo or as vocalist and rhythm. Playing in an acoustic folk rock style Collin brings a sense of heart felt language and symbolism of environment, travel and the inter-personal to his songs.

Canyon Ride Hidden away in rural HB are lots of gems with amazing backstories, this is one. Canyon Ryde is the vehicle for Hawke's Bay based acclaimed UK Americana/Roots Music singer-songwriter Phil Lively-Masters, who is currently working on a follow up to the double album Canyon Ryde debut 'Free To Be'. ‘Imagine you’ve been stranded on a California hill farm circa 1969 and you get the vibe,’ - Sony/Universal Review. 'Another fine example of a talented under the radar outfit producing American inspired music as good as, if not better, than a lot of Americans on the same trip. Highly Recommended!’ - MOJO. 'A prime platter for those of you who prefer your sounds smoked in the glow of porch reclining country blues, perfect for those attuned to the soft driftwood sounds of Buffalo Springfield and Gram Parsons.' - UNCUT.

Devils Elbow have held solid ground as a distinctively Hawke’s Bay band although they have achieved a significant national following, having toured widely. They have recorded 3 albums since they formed in 2007 and have toured and featured at many festivals, as well as received significant radio airplay both in NZ and further afield. Their music is rooted in alt-country with a bit of a punk attitude and an occasional garage rock flair. There’s a grittiness to their sounds, but it has the feel not of a big metropolis, but of a wider landscape, small towns and country roads.

With three great musical acts, a bar offering local wines & beer, inexpensive wholesome meals, and the comradery of your local community, this will be a night to gather together and celebrate what is wonderful about Hawke’s Bay.

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Haumoana Community Hall, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

51-53 Haumoana Road, Hastings

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