Made You Look: Kaye McGarva

201 Eastbourne St East, Hastings

Kaye McGarva plays with shadows creating trompe-l’oeil paintings of creases and folds with the intention of challenging the spectator’s perception. Her work is about the act of looking, creating uncertainty and provoking a physical sensation associated with seeing something familiar but strange. She wishes to encourage the viewer coming into the Foyer Gallery to slow down, take notice, and hopefully look at the world around them with new eyes.

The focus piece of the exhibition is a spiral-shaped installation titled Disequilibrium. This 2m high spiral allows the viewer to walk inside the artwork and be surrounded by the space within. This work will be on display alongside several other trompe-I’oeil paintings.

Kaye McGarva grew up in Hastings. After graduating with a degree in Visual Arts and Design from EIT, Kaye exhibited in numerous solo and group shows throughout New Zealand. Soon after she set up Muse Gallery in Havelock Nth where she exhibits the work of other artists as well as her own. She divides her time between working in the gallery and her own studio.

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Hastings City Art Gallery, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

201 Eastbourne St East, Hastings