Light From Shadow; Scratchboard Art by Marion Brennan

16 Byron Street, Napier

Light from Shadow is an exhibition of Scratch board Art by Marion Brennan.

Marion Brennan was born in South Africa but made New Zealand home 24 years ago. She has specialized in scratch board art for the last four years, and has held several successful solo exhibitions and shared exhibitions.

Marion has been accepted as an active member of the International Society of Scratch Board Artists based in the USA.

Her love of nature and wildlife reflects in Marion’s work. She spends many months of the year travelling and collecting material for her art.

Marion has undertaken commissions and sold work in the UK, USA, New Zealand and Africa. Marion’s art works are held in many private collections.

Join Marion to celebrate her opening on Friday 7 December, 5-7pm. All welcome!

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What is Scratchboard art?
Scratchboard originated in the 19th century in Britain and France. It replaced engraving as a reproduction medium for scientific and medical illustrations.

Scratchboard as an art form is similar. The boards are made by covering a layer of white Kaolin clay with a layer of black India ink.

Sharp tools such as chisels, knives, steel wool needles or fibreglass pens are used to make marks on the boards, scratching away the black layer to expose the white clay.

Transparent coloured ink may then be applied to the exposed white areas. This part of the procedure is repeated many times, until a depth of colour and tone is achieved, by using different colours.

The art work is then sealed with a finishing spray.

Once the work is sealed touching does not affect the surface and can be treated as any other artwork.

The materials for scratch board work are obtainable in Australia or USA.

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