Lazy, Hazy Days of Summer: Recent Painting - Christine Lemin

16 Byron Street, Napier

Painting has been part of Christine Lemin’s life since a child, using competitions and her bedroom wall as a canvas. Her lenient, patient mother did not deter her. She was always surprised though, when entering Christine’s bedroom in the morning to discover yet another artwork painted directly onto the wall.

In 2015 Christine was invited to be the guest artist for art fundraising auction. Many months of preparation later, twelve large canvases were completed.

The seed was planted. She found her joy and peace and from there began her journey towards becoming a qualified art instructor.

In early 2016 Christine resigned from a stressful social work/counselling position, which was one of her greatest decisions. She had used art as a therapeutic tool with clients for many years – with amazingly quick results. Now the seed began to germinate and once qualified, it made sense to set up her own home art studio from which to teach.

2016, 2017, 2018,2019 Creative Arts Napier (CAN)
2017, 2019 Immerse Twin Luminaries, Napier
The seed is now in full bloom. It is perpetual summer. Always colourful, always joyful.

Supporting her art students to find their peace is Christine’s mission.

Teaching art is the best ‘job’ in the world. Her heart sings loudly and proudly seeing art students’ progress as they discover their own artistic journey of discovery. Not only are they learning about themselves but Christine too, is on a journey of her own. It is a gentle, ever evolving, process.

Painting Style: Impressionistic/intuitive. No expectations. Christine’s paintings are a result of the interpretation of her energies and choice of colours at that time.

Mediums: acrylic, resin, ink, oil
Renoir’s art speaks clearly to Christine’s senses and she loves the colour Paul Gauguin used; “It is the eye of ignorance that assigns a fixed and unchangeable colour to every object; beware of this stumbling block.” - Paul Gauguin.

Christine Lemin
“Firstly, I will teach you the rules, then I will teach you how to break them.”

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