Essential Nature Hatha Yoga Workshop

12 Lee Rd, Napier

Experience the healing power of mother nature and channel the energy of the natural world within to elevate energy and strength! The morning time holds the Sattvic quality, allowing your yoga practice to deepen and develop harmony, balance, joy, and intelligence. The daily workshop includes: - Traditional level 1&2 hatha asana led sequence (vinyasa-style) - Ujjayi breath and pranayama - Meditation and relaxation techniques - Yoga philosophy related to the asanas practiced Registration open until 30 March. Contact Bri for more information -

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Mon 13th Apr 2020, 6:15am

Tue 14th Apr 2020, 6:15am

Wed 15th Apr 2020, 6:15am

Thu 16th Apr 2020, 6:15am

Mon 20th Apr 2020, 6:15am

Tue 21st Apr 2020, 6:15am

Wed 22nd Apr 2020, 6:15am

Thu 23rd Apr 2020, 6:15am


OptimalMe Studio, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

12 Lee Rd, Napier