Dialogue - An exhibition by Sandra Howlett

16 Byron Street, Napier



A conversation between two or more people.
A discussion between two or more people or groups, especially one directed towards exploration of a particular subject or resolution of a problem
The art of investigating or discussing the truth of opinions
For Sandie, the title of this exhibition has a dual concept.

Sandra Howletts work centres around the land that we take for granted. There needs to be greater dialogue to ensure that what we have stays for the future generations that follow us. We are merely caretakers of it. What physical and metaphorical footprints are we leaving?

In addition to this...

‘This is a show of works that is my own personal dialogue with my environment. Looking, listening, and feeling the natural world around me. Sometimes the conversation is around beauty and other times it is about my observations of the detritus and destruction left by humans’.

I am currently the Head of Arts at Sacred Heart College Napier and have been teaching Visual Art in the secondary setting for 27 years. Last year I was fortunate to receive a scholarship to attend EIT and finish my Bachelor of Creative Practices. This work is the journey of 2020 and beyond.

Sandra Howletts work will be on display from 15.10.21 – 17.11.21 in our CAN Foyer.

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Thu 28th Oct 2021, 10:00am

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Creative Arts Napier, Community Arts Centre, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

16 Byron Street, Napier