Circadian Rhythm

116 Tennyson Street (upstairs), Napier, New Zealand, Napier

Derek Henderson.

The gallery reopens for our new season with the third solo show from Sydney based photographer Derek Henderson. The artist continues his interest in the environment with personal observations taken while travelling the country. The images reveal the subtle and intimate workings of what could be spoken of as Henderson’s own universe.

What’s inside the house with the curtains drawn, who lives there,
What do they do, how do they think about the world?
Why is that place abandoned, what happened here?
Who was here before me?
Who walked along this track and where does it go?
Should I be here, who owns this place?
How do I connect with the environment around me?

Circadian Rhythm presents a suite of 15 works from the series. Please join us for the opening on Thursday August 9th, 5-7pm, Derek Henderson will be in attendance. The gallery is then open Wed-Sat, 10-3pm.

For further information or to request a catalogue please email or call Megan on 021 500340.

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SPA_CE Gallery, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

116 Tennyson Street (upstairs), Napier, New Zealand, Napier