Carlos Roberto Paulette; Recent Works

16 Byron Street, Napier

Carlos Roberto Paulette is a mature, self-taught artist who enjoys creating fantasy worlds depicting the themes of life, birth and growth. He grew up in Lima, Peru and has a mix of European and South American blood.

Carlos likes to create a sense of depth and movement in the stories behind his drawings and paintings. Although he prefers to express his visions in black and white, he believes his work portrays a vivid, intricate world where the dimensions of colour are manifestly obvious.

Myriad inspirations conspired to create these images. A conflation of Carlos’ father’s hobbies, his dreams and emotions, the beauty of New Zealand, and the time and energy to make them concrete.

His first inspiration was his father collecting bits of driftwood, nails and bits and pieces and sculpting them together, and painting murals on the walls.

Carlos has always loved the outdoors, and feels inspired by nature, the seasons, the stars and the many ways that life-cycles are expressed. Recently he has been motivated by the beauty of the many mystical spots in New Zealand which depict life springing from the depths;

‘The light does not only come from the sky but also from within. The vibrant light-reflecting energy surrounds me, coming into my eyes and funnelled through my own perception’.

Images projected in black ink, the dark shadows of the mind, the yin, internal energy giving form to the white, the creative, light producing yang, proclaiming its strength.

Carlos believes his role as an artist is as a trail-blazer to portray other worlds and help re-connect humanity with our subconscious roots and cultural beliefs, expanding our perception of the majesty and magic of creation. He believes that God is the creative principal behind and expressed within our surroundings and in our hearts.

Please feel welcome to join Carlos to celebrate the opening of his exhibition on Friday 8 March, 5-7pm.

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