Antique Botanicals

16 Byron Street, Napier

This exhibition is a collection of antique botanical book illustration prints, brought together from years of collecting by local resident Margaret Jaffe.

Someone asked her recently when and where she had began collecting, so Margaret had a wee think, and decided it was high time she showed them at a public gallery for all to see. This is the first time they have stepped onto the stage. She hopes you enjoy them and will share her pleasure.

The prints are 189 years old but carrying no wrinkles. Margaret’s very first Paxton’s Magazine of Botany, Volume 1, was a gift from clients after she had completed the sale of their beautiful home and gardens. As soon as she opened the book she was smitten. The colours and workmanship were perfect.

Years later Margaret was in England and bought a few more botanicals, some loose and some in book form. Can you imagine a book which is perfect and almost 200 years old? There is a reason for this. It lies with who Joseph Paxton was. This is his story. He was very poor but was taken in by the Duke of Devonshire on his estate at Chatsworth.

There he stayed and travelled the world collecting plants. Joseph Paxton also designed the Crystal Palace in South East London for an incredible exhibition which Queen Victoria opened. He became Sir Joseph Paxton and his books, when published were for the rich and titled of England. All told Paxton published 250 books from 1834 until 1849 for a total of 3000 pounds!

So, it is time to let others enjoy the botanicals. These precious works of art will be available to purchase at the exhibition. Just keep them dry and out of direct sun and they will give you years of enjoyment.

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16 Byron Street, Napier