Kākā New Zealand Ltd

Hawke's Bay, Havelock North, Hawke's Bay

Kākā New Zealand is a boutique service provider promoting Hawke's Bay experiences and local hospitality to international visitors in the most welcoming and generous manner possible. As New Zealand hosts, Kākā New Zealand values honesty, safety and integrity. We work closely with luxury lodges and local tour operators to help maximise each visitor's experience. Our services include creating itineraries for individuals and corporate clients, facilitating luxury accommodation, wellness retreats, wine appreciation experiences, private golf tours, guided trail walks, and many other unique outdoor activities.

In the post Covid-19 world, our new focus is on helping visitors plan ahead to experience health and wellbeing – in luxury and comfort. This includes recommending wellness retreats and special getaway experiences that allow guests to enjoy great local wines and cuisine within sight of the region's stunning scenery and wide open spaces.

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8 people

Tour Duration

From 6 hours to 3+ days Hours

Est. Age Range

All ages

Please Bring

A camera, hat, sunscreen, outdoor jacket, walking shoes and an open mind