Edgebrook Cider Ltd.

Hastings Farmers Market, Kennilworth Road, Hastings District, Hawke's Bay

Real, English-style, Hawke's Bay Cider.

Edgebrook Cider builds on an orcharding heritage to produce original ciders in the best English traditions.

Our #realcider is made with orchard-fresh apples and each unique blend is an expression of the Hawke's Bay summer from which is was crafted. Each cider in our growing range shows respect for the apple varieties it is made from and the English cidermaking traditions that shaped it.

Edgebrook ciders are whole-pressed and without dilution or flavour additives.
Full-flavoured and full of character, taste the difference!

Come and visit us, every Sunday at the Hawke's Bay Farmers' Market on Hastings' Kennilworth Road, in the beautiful Waikoko gardens. It's New Zealand's largest farmers' market.

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