E-Bike the Bay

It's cycling, just with a wee bit of help

By Vicki Butterworth

For many people electric bikes (or E-Bikes) are still a novel pairing of cycling with technology, but they are becoming an increasingly popular cycling option - especially for visitors enjoying long, meandering rides.

E-Bikes are the perfect safeguard against fatigue, and enable you to freewheel while you give your legs a well earned rest - which is perfect when cycling open expanses of the Hawke’s Bay Trails.

One of the most popular rides is from Napier’s Marine Parade to Waitangi Regional Park (20km return ride). A wide concrete trail passes local attractions and rewards you with the majestic celestial compass Atea a Rangi, when you get to Waitangi Regional Park. Maori ancestors used structures like these to chart positions of the sun, moon and stars, and navigate the Pacific Ocean on sailing waka centuries ago.

As you head into the rural trails, the surface becomes limesand, with some sections having gates. We recommend practicing the skill of walking your bike on the rear wheel though the tighter gates. Apply the brakes and ‘walk’ your bike up and through gates.

Sharing the journey is part of the experience. Remember to slow down and let others know you’re coming, with a friendly hello or ring of your bell. On busy sections of the trail, remember to slow down and be prepared to stop quickly if needed – the key is to ride within your limits and ‘Share with Care’.

Want to try it for yourself?

Get in touch with any of our local Bike Hire companies who will help you find the perfect bike for you, and can provide all the advice you need to make your cycling exeprience in Hawke's Bay on eto remember.