Kaweka Heritage Trail

The Kaweka Trail provides an excellent cross-section of rural Hawke's Bay. Starting and finishing at Puketapu, a small rural settlement adjacent to the lower reaches of the Tutaekuri River, the trail climbs into the upper high country of the Kaweka Range. As it travels west, both the annual rainfall and the depth of volcanic ash in the soil mantle increases. Viticulture is a relatively new use of the valley floors and low terraces. Sheep and cattle farming (with some farm woodlots) occupy the majority of the hill country, and large-scale dairying is also in the process of development in selected areas.

On the steep publicly owned conservation lands at higher elevation, land use is focused on watershed protection for sustained stream flow to the lower regions, and on public recreation. These lands include areas of remnant indigenous podocarp and southern beech forests, grassland, and sub-alpine flora. The trail offers panoramic vistas, interesting landforms (including limestone formations), private gardens to visit, walks and longer tramps, a museum, and even the possibility of a dip in the Mohaka River or a hot spring.

Significant Points

  • Puketapu
  • Dartmoor Road Route
  • Rissington
  • Camp Flat
  • Mountain View Lookout
  • Patoka
  • The Hartree Reserve
  • Maniaroa Saddle Lookout
  • Little Bush Road
  • Puketitiri Area
  • Balls Clearing Scenic Reserve
  • Mangatutu Hot Springs
  • Mount Baldy
  • Black Birch Lookout
  • Littles Clearing
  • Makahu Saddle Area
  • Alexander Memorial

Trail Details

Total distance of 193km can be done in 4hr but allow a full day (and more!) to enjoy all that is to offer. Not all the roads are sealed - take care on the gravel.

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