Spring Challenge 2022

An all-women adventure race!

The event is one of the gems of New Zealand adventure racing, where up to 480-teams of 3-women take part in a thrilling adventure that includes rafting / kayaking, mountain biking, hiking and navigation.

The event was the vision and creation of 6 x Adventure Racing World Champion, and winner of Eco Challenge ‘The World’s Toughest Race’ - Nathan Fa'avae

Event Details


    • School Girls (15-18 years old) 3-hour only
    • Junior (combined age under 60-years) 6-hour only
    • Open
    • Veteran (combined age 120-years +)
    • Super Veteran (combined age 150-years +)
    • Corporate Challenge

Note: Minimum Age - 13-years old if competing with caregiver


3 -women per team


    • 3-hour (beginner) – Introduction to Adventure Racing. Kayaking, non-technical mountain biking, trail and easy off-trail hiking – a bit of a challenge but nothing too silly. Navigation is basic level. Time range 3 to 6 hours.
    • 6-hour (intermediate) – Something to get your teeth into. Kayaking, mostly flat or slow moving water, mountain biking but can have a few rugged bits linking the course together – walking with bike an option in these sections if you're a bit of a Nana (or officially a Nana). Hiking mostly can be on and off trails, can contain rough ground to pass over, slippery stuff, cow poos, stream crossings. Navigation is intermediate level, map and compass knowledge needed. (Unless you trust the team in front of you and you tuck in behind them). Time range 6 to 12-hours.
    • 9-hour (advanced) – The epic version of the Spring Challenge, expect a mission! Time range 9 to 18-hours.


No Support Crew required for the 2022 event, but a team fan club is welcome!


We don't like to focus on distances because they can be misleading, the 6-hour event for example will be a winning time close to 6-hours whether the course is 50km or 100km, because speed over terrain will vary so much. But as a rough guide, here's a few numbers to crunch.

    • 3-hour Event: 4-5kmkm Kayaking, 15-20km Biking, 4-5km hiking
    • 6-hour Event: 5-7km Kayaking, 25-35km Biking, 8-12km hiking
    • 9-hour Event: 5-7km Kayaking, 45-55km Biking, 20-30km hiking

Event Info

Location: Napier (course TBD)

Date: 28 - 30 October 2022

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