Holiday Lights at The National Aquarium

With Christmas quickly approaching, the National Aquarium of New Zealand have pulled out all the stops with a spectacular light show, illuminating your journey throughout the Aquarium from start to finish, and placing a festive spin on the wildlife experience.

Everywhere you look coloured lights are sparkling from above, scenes of Father Christmas can be discovered among the many fascinating animals, and reindeer can be found soaring pass the moon, on their way to deliver presents to excited children. You can even take a seat to watch elves preparing gifts at the South Pole’s production line - every turn offers another exciting surprise, all capturing the magic of Christmas.

Exploring Holiday Lights at the National Aquarium of New Zealand

Exploring Holiday Lights at the National Aquarium of New Zealand

It’s not just about the dazzling displays, visitors also have the opportunity to “give” gifts to nature this Christmas season. You have the opportunity to give back to the environment with the ultimate present – making a pledge to reduce your impact on the environment this season. The wonderful Aquarium team (who dedicated many hours putting the attraction together) have made their pledges, which can be seen throughout the attraction.

You are able to make yours too as an individual or a family, and the best will be selected for display on the Christmas tree in the main foyer. Your pledge can be as little as refusing plastic straws – all positive actions have a flow on effect to our environment.

'Christmas Kiwi', part of the Holiday Lights display

'Christmas Kiwi', part of the Holiday Lights display

If you’re looking for a way to entertain the kids these school holidays, this attraction is sure to capture their attention.

The Holiday Lights event runs until the end of January and is included in the standard admission price.


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