Village shopping must-do's

Havelock North has an eclectic mix of boutique stores and providores. From high-end fashion labels to bespoke New Zealand brands, Havelock North village provides an intimate shopping experience for the discerning buyer.


Havelock North is a haven for boutique fashion stores - all within easy walking distance. And with ample parking, you can simply drop your bags back at your car, before heading to the next store or even better - lunch! With 20+ stores to visit, we suggest giving yourself a full day to peruse all of your options. With so many different offerings, it's hard to single out anyone, but we suggest ensuring Diahann Boutique, Papillon and Compleat are on your must-do list. But believe us when we say you should visit as many stores as you can fit into your schedule as they all offer something slightly different. Plan your day at

nic&cole in Havelock North

Art, Books & Jewellery

A broad category, but one that needs to be given its dues - such is the wealth of opportunity in the Village to discover new gems for yourself or as a gift. We're big fans of Muse art gallery for it's contemporary collection, and carefully selected homeware and gifts. Wardini Books have earned an almost iconic status as an independent bookstore with a "magical difference". For stunning jewellery, look no further than UNIO Goldsmith and Gallery for original, high quality craftsmanship. We've only just scratched the surface, so explore more on for Art & Gifts and Books & Toys.

Muse art gallery

Specialty foods

If Hawke's Bay is Food and Wine Country, you could make a strong argument that Havelock North is its kitchen! Starting with wine (because, well... wine!), make tracks to the welcoming and knowledgeable team at Advintage Wines and don't stop for anyone or anything. With wine now taken care of, you can relax a bit and ease your way around the delicious array of specialty and market stores - found both in the heart of the village and a short drive away to some artisan stores. St Andrews Limes, Arataki Honey and Te Mata Figs are three of the finest exponents of their trade you'll find anywhere in the country. Waipawa Butchery have quickly found favour since opening up their Havelock North store, while Bellantino's Food Lovers Market and the Black Barn Kitchen are brimming with the tastiest local artisan produce. The full range of Specialty Foods and Wine/Liquor shopping options can be found on

Bellantino's Food Lovers Market