Cape Kidnappers Whole Flounder

By Francky Godinho, Head Chef, St Georges Restaurant

The dish: 'Cape Kidnappers whole flounder Recheado, sauteed garden squash, grilled lemon, ginger'

This is a new dish that we've created for our transitional menu between Summer to Autumn. Perfectly harmonised and mouthwatering combination of flavours and textures that will stimulate the senses.  It should be right at the top of your list to try.

We are using fresh Cape Kidnappers flounder as our hero ingredient. The fish is served as a roulade filled with organic celery mousse. Complimented by a warm organic tomato salad, butternut puree, garden herb oil, and verbena.  Beautifully delicate, refined and delicious, drawing on the full spectrum of produce available in our restaurant garden.

Assembled on the plate as a visually arresting combination of vibrant colours and natural tones it’s a delectable dish that feels fresh and light yet satisfying. Pair with a crisp glass of the Osawa Prestige Chardonnay and some stimulating conversation and you’ll be away laughing.



The Dish

Cape Kidnappers whole flounder Recheado, sauteed garden squash, grilled lemon, ginger

Chef: Francky Godinho

Restaurant: St Georges Restaurant

Francky is a passionate chef and a perfectionist who has never been afraid to experiment with new techniques, textures and flavours. His international career has taken him all over the globe and earned him numerous accolades, including 45 medals and the New Zealand Chef of the Year title twice. He is also a member of the New Zealand Culinary Team.

Traditional values and sustainability are at the heart of Francky’s cooking philosophy. Nearly all of the fresh ingredients used in his cooking are grown, nurtured, and handpicked from his organic gardens adjacent to the restaurant.

Cuisine Magazine Recommended Restaurant 2015