Match Chardonnay Like a Pro

The great thing about Chardonnay is that it's versatile in food matching.

Chardonnay is a natural partner to white meat dishes, and being relatively low in acidity means it won't make spicy food seem hotter! The 'go to' classics are chicken, pork and fish dishes, but I also love a glass of Chardonnay with pasta or risotto meals as well. In terms of apex matches, Chardonnay and Crayfish has got to be it!

Like all food and wine matching, it's very dependent on the individual wine and what the most dominate flavours in the dish. Usually it's best to start with the wine, have a taste, and the nlet your mind wander and the creative juices flow, and you will come up with a great dish to contrast or complement the vino.

Otherwise just be bold and experiment, and if t he wine match isn't fantastic, open ad different wine!

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