Strategic Thinking Workshop

2375 State Highway 50, Hastings

This highly interactive and practical course is for anyone who would benefit from being able to think and act more strategically in either a personal or professional capacity.

The course guides you through a broad range of practical exercises and activities which have been designed to teach the fundamental skills required for effective strategic thinking.

You will leave with a toolbox of resources and the confidence to start applying them immediately. In particular, you’ll be able to do the following:
- Think like a Freak - Develop strategies that create personal and professional competitive advantage.
- Look for ideas everywhere - Learn to recognise opportunities that others have missed.
- Decide on a path - Become a more proactive, insightful and effective leader. Learn how to make the right choices.
- See the future - Become more resilient in the face of ambiguity and uncertainty. Learn how to anticipate issues and opportunities.
- Get others involved - Optimise your ability to shape and use change for the benefit of you and your organisation.
- Adjust as you go - Be able to cope better with setbacks and contingencies. Learn from your mistakes and continuously improve.

Please refer to the website for a full course description.

This workshop has qualified for the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme. For more information on the NZTE Capability Development voucher programme or to find your local Regional Business Partner please visit Regional Business Partner Network event reference - HB0318 ST

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Tue 20th Mar 2018, 8:30am


Te Awa Winery, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

2375 State Highway 50, Hastings