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Difficult and disruptive people can consume most of your time and the disruption they cause to the team/unit/business can be significant in terms of productivity, customer service and employee engagement. This course will equip you with the skills, processes and confidence to handle to handle these people, therefore reducing your stress and possible cost to the organisation. Session topics: - Understanding of the damage and cost to your organisation - Knowing how to manage yourself - Knowing how to de-escalate a charged situation - Tools to have a constructive conversation with a difficult/disruptive person Your learning outcomes: - Defining a difficult and disruptive person - Understanding the cost to the organisation - What causes a difficult/disruptive person? - Why do we allow difficult/disruptive people? - Managing yourself first - Confronting a difficult and disruptive person. - Learning a coaching model store - Strategies for the organisation Includes workbook, arrival tea or coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea. Investment: Prices indicated are per person. Members (Early bird): $425 + GST (Early Bird rate applies to bookings made one month prior to the course date). To find out more contact -

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Wed 28th Mar 2018, 9:00am


Hawke's Bay Business Hub, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

36 Bridge St, Napier