Leadership Development Intensive

Porangahau Rd, Wallingford, Porangahau

An exploration into purpose, effectiveness and fulfilment.

The LDI (Leadership Development Intensive) is a four-day residential retreat for people who are already successful, but have a strong desire to grow deeper in their personal and professional development. It is designed to challenge and strengthen your innate leadership potential, and develop the capability to transform your world: at home, at work and in your community.

Executives, managers, team leaders, business owners, entrepreneurs, community leaders will all benefit from the LDI, as will anyone who wants to develop confidence in managing themselves.

Please refer to the website for a full course description.

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Mon 9th Apr 2018, 11:30am

Tue 10th Apr 2018, 7:00am

Wed 11th Apr 2018, 7:00am

Thu 12th Apr 2018, 7:00am


Wallingford Station, Porangahau, Central Hawke's Bay

Porangahau Rd, Wallingford, Porangahau