Isabel Rivera Cuenca & The Flamenco Project

106 Russell St South, Hastings

Isabel Rivera:
Isabel Rivera’s family hail from the southern Spanish heartland of flamenco: Andalucia. So when they moved north to the industrial powerhouse of Barcelona, they did what the Irish did in London: they brought their music with them.

Isabel grew up in her family’s Andalucian cultural centre, her bedroom was behind the stage and since birth she could hear the pounding feet and clapping hands of flamenco. By age four her family realized the rhythm was in her blood and she was soon up on the stage herself.

Today Isabel’s on-stage charisma and her dancing passion have generated growing audiences across Spain Mexico and South America. She has a special love of New Zealand which she regards as an open minded, creative culture. Small wonder she is back for a third time, with new music and new inspiration.

Ian Sinclair:
Ian is better known as a journalist. But the real story is that his love of flamenco got him his first break into the media world. When the university newspaper asked him to interview a band of visiting gypsy musicians, Ian leapt at the chance. He had studied flamenco guitar himself from the age of ten.

Those gypsies later gained fame as the Gypsy Kings and Ian went on to study flamenco with Spanish maestros in Seville. Although his professional career took him all over the world as a TV reporter, he never lost that hankering for flamenco. Ian has done a number of concerts with Isabel and frequently visits Spain to study under gypsy Maestro Juan del Gastor.

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Mon 26th Mar 2018, 7:30pm


Hastings Community Arts Centre, Hastings, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

106 Russell St South, Hastings