Five Pākehā Painters Exhibition

1 Tennyson St, Napier

From the onset of colonisation, European immigrants and their descendants have been bringing and maintaining their own culture in Aotearoa, including a characteristic art tradition.

These twelve artworks by five Pakeha painters illustrate the way in which people of European heritage in New Zealand have responded to the land of Te Matau a Maui / Hawke’s Bay over a period of 90 years.

Art, like anything conceived by people, is embedded within culture: hence these paintings reflect not only what the artists could see around them while living in Te Matau a Maui, but also how they saw: through the prism of particular values, beliefs, and social systems intrinsic to their Pakeha society.

All artworks are from the collection of Hawke’s Bay Museum Trust, Ruawharo Ta-u-rangi.


Wed 20th Nov 2019, 9:30am

Thu 21st Nov 2019, 9:30am

Fri 22nd Nov 2019, 9:30am

Sat 23rd Nov 2019, 9:30am

Sun 24th Nov 2019, 9:30am

Mon 25th Nov 2019, 9:30am

Tue 26th Nov 2019, 9:30am

Wed 27th Nov 2019, 9:30am

Thu 28th Nov 2019, 9:30am

Fri 29th Nov 2019, 9:30am

Sat 30th Nov 2019, 9:30am


MTG Hawke's Bay, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

1 Tennyson St, Napier