A Capella Gospel Choir Workshop With Tony Backhous

Tennyson Street, Napier

International singer and choir director Tony Backhouse has been called the "godfather of a cappella and gospel choir" in Australia and New Zealand. Don't miss this opportunity for new and experienced singers to "jump in and sing out."

Tony works with the passionate and exciting African-American gospel songs, old and new, choral and quartet styles. He also embraces South African church songs, do-wop, R & B and pop. The emphasis is on harmony, collective improvisation and freedom of expression. No music-reading skills are required, and you may record the sessions.

Alison Winkworth, Voiceprint (Australian Voice Association) wrote: "Instant choir. Would you believe that you could take upwards of 50 people who had never got together before and create a great-sounding choir harmonising in 4 parts, singing songs they had never heard before? No only possible, but joyously successful.

The buzz... was in the air for the whole weekend. The only other ways I can think of to get this kind of thrill are the extreme sports.

For more information or to register email Pauline at p.doyle@hotmail.com or call Ross on 021 810 223 To see Tony's work and calendar go to www.tonybackhouse.com

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Fri 2nd Feb 2018, 7:00pm

Sat 3rd Feb 2018, 11:00am

Sun 4th Feb 2018, 10:00am


St Paul's Church, Napier, Hawke's Bay / Gisborne

Tennyson Street, Napier