Puketapu Loop

On a hot summer’s day you can't beat a cruisy ride through old graceful trees along the Tutaekuri River followed by a pit stop at the iconic Puketapu Pub for a cold drink and a snack.

Start from Pettigrew Green Arena (Gloucester Street, Taradale). From the stopbank path beside the car park, head up valley all the way to Puketapu, 8 km away.
Puketapu has a charming, award-winning country tavern (The Puketapu). It also has a good store with plenty of snack foods. Almost 1 km on from the store down Dartmoor Road is a large domain with toilets, trees and a playground. It’s the ideal spot for a family picnic.

After a break at Puketapu, follow signposts to Vicarage Bridge. At the far end, hang a sharp left and follow the lime-sand path back to Pettigrew Green Arena.

Grade 2 (Easy), 18 km, 2–3 hours