Pacific Coast Highway

The Pacific Coast Highway, traversing the spectacular east coast of New Zealand's North Island, is known as one of the great touring routes in the world.

Linking Auckland, Coromandel, Bay of Plenty with Tauranga, Mount Maunganui, Whakatane and the magnificent off-shore volcano White Island and the East Cape before entering Hawke's Bay at its most Northern point, along the Mahia Peninsula and through the town of Wairoa.

The Pacific Coast Highway is well signposted along the entire route, giving a safe and easy way to navigate through some of the most spectacular coastal scenery New Zealand has to offer. Be among the first people to see the sun as it rises majestically over the Pacific, casting its first rays over the stunning white sand beaches along the length of the Highway. 

Sample of the world’s best seafood, innovative cuisine and award winning wines and indulge yourself in one of the many luxurious accommodation establishments along the way.

Enjoy the diverse and unique heritage within the region. You’ll find an abundance of buildings from another era, ancient Maori pa sites, countless historical delights and the living heritage of the stories and faces of the local people.

Marvel at the talents of the local artists and share with them the environment that so inspires them – the slice of the Pacific paradise that is the Pacific Coast Highway.

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