Q Where is Hawke’s Bay?
A Hawke’s Bay is located on the east coast of the North Island of New Zealand

Q How many Air New Zealand flights arrive daily into Hawke's Bay?
A 16 flights daily from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch

Q Where is the Airport located in Hawke’s Bay?
A Napier (about a 5-7 minute drive from the CBD)

Q What is the Hawkes Bay airport code and where is the airport?
A NPE and it is located on State Highway 2 in Napier

Q How long is the flight from Wellington to Hawke’s Bay?
A 55 minutes

Q How long is the flight from Auckland to Hawke’s Bay?
A 60 minutes

Q How long is the drive from Taupo to Napier?
A It takes approximately 1 ½ hours to drive non-stop. There are no petrol stops along the way
so check you have enough petrol to complete the journey.

Q How long is the drive from Wellington to Napier?
A It takes approximately 4 hours to drive non-stop however there are plenty of reasons to stop along the way. Visitors can follow the Classic New Zealand Wine Trail for ideas.

Q What are the average temperatures and rainfall  in Hawke’s Bay?
Average summer temperature (οC): 24
Average winter temperature (οC): 13
Average annual rainfall (mm): 803
Average annual sunshine hours: 2,188

A I am travelling in a campervan. Where is the best place to stop overnight?
Q There are many holiday parks available throughout Hawke’s Bay that welcome campervans. See Holiday Parks under the Accommodation section or check out the camping page.

A Where can I connect to the internet from?
Q There are many internet cafes available through Napier, Hastings and Havelock North. Many day time cafes offer free WiFi along with Napier CBD extends free Wifi in 15 minute blocks. No passwords are required.

Q What is the population of Hawke’s Bay?
A 147,783

Q Where are the i-SITES and Visitor Information Centres located in Hawke’s Bay?
A i-SITES can be found in Napier, Hastings and Wairoa with Visitor Information Centres also available in Waipukurau and Havelock North. See here for details