Tikokino & Ongaonga

An eclectic mix of history, art & country gardens the Central Hawke's Bay township of Tikokino, on State Highway 50 north of Ongaonga, began as a 'very neat little town' of 86 sections sold in 1860.

The town was originally named Hampden, after Sir John Hampden and was settled in anticipation of the main railway line from Napier to Wellington passing through the town.

Today, Tikokino is surrounded by a selection of picturesque country gardens and homesteads - Trenrose Paeony Garden & Gallery and Gwavas Garden & Homestead just to name a couple.  The Sawyers Arms Hotel – established in 1864 – is a neat stop along State Highway 50 for food and drink and from only 35 minutes Hastings from the North or Dannevirke from the south.

Here’s what you can do:

Gwavas Garden and Homestead
Sawyers Arms Hotel
Trenrose Paeonies – Oct/November


Ongaonga has more than its share of history.

Set in a peaceful spot a stones throw from SH50, Ongaonga has a collection of historic buildings gathered from all over the district and clustered around the Department of Conservation's field office to make a picturesque historic village.

They fit in well with Ongaonga's own historic buildings, which include homes, a factory and a general store. The historic village is open to the public on Sundays from 2pm - 4pm, or by request for group bookings, phone: (06) 856 6735. Visitors can pick up a map and brochure on any day of the week from the Ongaonga General Store and take a walk through historic Ongaonga village. View the elegant Edwardian buildings, nineteenth century cottages and the most beautiful architecturally designed butcher shop in New Zealand.

Here’s what you can do:

Ongaonga Museum Complex
Camp Whakarara
D&S Nurseries


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