Hawke's Bay Ski Season Now Open

The ski season is upon us, and generally this means it’s time to buckle up for some cold and miserable weather. But not in Hawke’s Bay.

We have a good working relationship with Mother Nature here, so while other places get lashed with nasty weather this winter, Hawke’s Bay will be enjoying crisp blue skies and sunshine.

So our walking and cycle trails will be open for business, and at the end of a great day ‘hitting the slopes’, you will likely find a nice glass of red wine to settle into. Hawke’s Bay produced almost 90% of NZ’s Merlot, Cabernet Sauvignon and Syrah grapes last year, so your chances of finding the right match are pretty good - après-ski at its best.

The weather is not the only thing looking tasty this winter. Our Winter F.A.W.C! Series (Food and Wine Classic) starts on 9 June and is a month-long celebration of the very best winter food and wine that Hawke’s Bay has to offer. Book your tickets now at fawc.co.nz.

Nine out of ten doctors recommend Hawke’s Bay as the best protection against hypothermia and winter blues. So if it’s wet and gloomy where you are this winter, ditch the ugg-boots and thermals and escape to Hawke’s Bay!

What are you waiting for, book your winter escape to Hawke's Bay now!