New Penguins at The National Aquarium

Little Blue Penguins at the National Aquarium.

Welcome to the newest exhibit at The National Aquarium of New Zealand in Napier, Hawke's Bay.

The newly built penguin enclosure has been relocated from Marineland to a brand new home at the Aquarium that was built to resemble their natural habitat. There are nine penguins in total and all of them are there because they were hand raised or injured and can’t be rehabilitated into the wild.

Come see these adorable little birds swimming and pottering about in their new home, or for $60pp get yurself a "Close Encounter". This takes you behind the scences with the Penguin handler and inculdes  preparing their lunch of fresh fish and vitamins and then hand feeding them inside the enclosure (if you're good you even get to give them a cuddle). You'll learn loads of interesting facts and information and have loads of fun in the process. 

Great family holiday activity for the young and young at heart so book now.

A Close Encounter costs $60 per person and is a maximum of 4 people per tour (although there are options for a larger family).  Don’t worry if you don’t fancy tackling the feeding, a standard entry ticket will still allow you to see the Penguins swimming and playing in their enclosure as part of your Aquarium tour.  For more details see