Waimarama Beach

Waimarama Beach is one of the most sought-after coastal resorts in the country. Its long stretches of sandy beach are ideal for walking, jogging, swimming, surfing and fishing. It has mobile phone coverage and a general store and seaside cafe. There is also a boat loading ramp and a variety of beach accommodation.

Waimarama is 20 minutes' drive from Havelock North, past the spectacular Craggy Range winery.

Waimarama Beach is a typical attractive East Coast golden sand beach. Some permanent residents live here, but in the main Waimarama is a popular weekender and picnic venue.

This beach yields an abundance of Pipi, while flounders are occasionally speared near the water's edge. Crayfish and Paua are also a popular catch.

The Waimarama Surf Club Patrols start in December and finish end of March, operating Saturday from 12 - 5 pm and on Sunday 10 - 5pm.

Waimarama is also home to Hakikino - where there was once a mighty fortress protecting a settlement of several thousand people. You can book tours of this historic site in advance with Waimarama Maori Tours.  Hakikino is on ancestral lands passed on from generation to generation, and now a part of a family farm. The owners, indigenous people themselves, often made the area available so Waimarama people could visit and reconnect with their ancient heritage. Their mission is to share the ancient history and traditions of the Waimarama people so that others might gain insight and understanding of the traditional ways of life and the rules by which Maori live.