Road Cycling in Hawke's Bay

The network of sealed backcountry roads in Hawke’s Bay provides ideal options for roadies wanting to stretch their legs on a morning’s spin.

Anything from two hours to five, 20 km to 100. Take the ride at a leisurely pace or push it hard. Add in some category climbs for a bit more of a workout, then spin back to a convenient coffee spot.

Hawke’s Bay is one of the best road riding districts in the country because of the generally settled weather and many quiet country roads. Popular rides include the Puketapu Road Loop and the Elsthorpe Loop, which are listed in Hawke’s Bays Best Bike Rides. The most popular ride of all, however, is the Tuki Tuki Loop.


Tuki Tuki Loop

Grade 3 (Intermediate), 37 km, 1.5–2.5 hours 

This ride starts from the centre of Havelock North. There are a few small climbs (320 metres total climbing). The traffic volume is very low, except around Havelock North. 
Take it at your leisure or bust a gut for a great workout. This is the way riding should be, with some great cafes (and vineyards) to refuel at back in Havelock North.

Start from the centre of Havelock North (after an invigorating coffee at Jacksons on Joll). Head east on Te Mata Road. Follow this all the way out of town and down past the Te Mata Winery, where you’ll reach a crossroads next to the Tandem Café.

Turn right here and climb Waimarama Road. Follow Waimarama Road past Craggy Range Winery, down the hill and across Red Bridge. Turn left onto Tuki Tuki Road.

Stay on Tuki Tuki Road for 15 km, taking in a series of small ups and downs. Enjoy the lack of cars and the scenic views over the river valley and vineyards as you go. At the end of the 15-km stretch, you’ll come to an intersection at Mill Road. Veer left and follow Mill Road across Black Bridge to the roundabout. Turn left here onto Lawn Road.

From here, it’s a flat ride back into town. Stay on Lawn Road until you get to Napier Road. Turn left, then stay on Napier Road all the way to the town centre.

Note: There are smooth lime-sand paths beside the Tukituki River for half of this ride. So if you wish to escape the traffic completely, turn left off Tuki Tuki Road onto Moore Road. Follow Moore Road for 900 metre, and you’ll find the lime-sand path. This leads down to Black Bridge, and back up the other side of the river.