Hawke's Bay Tourism

Hawke's Bay Tourism is the Official Regional Tourism Organisation

We are jointly funded by the Hawke’s Bay Regional Council and the local tourism industry through the Hawke’s Bay Tourism Industry Association. 

Hawke's Bay Tourism Industry Association is the sole shareholder of Hawke's Bay Tourism Limited.

We are a membership based organisation and offer a tiered membership structure;

  • Basic (Free)
  • Enhanced ($250)
  • Premium ($550)
  • Domestic ($850)
  • International ($1050)

Fees are based on one year membership and are exclusive of GST.

We also operate a Support Partner Programme for businesses that support the tourism and hospitality sector. The cost to join per annum is $300 + GST

For more information on all of these categories and where you think you might fit best - please contact Hamish Evans at hamishe@hawkesbaytourism.co.nz

Hawke’s Bay Tourism's Mission:

• To ensure Hawke's Bay becomes significantly more attractive to New Zealanders and international visitors as a place to visit, do business and live.

• To become a highly competitive player within the New Zealand tourism industry, increasing Hawke’s Bays market share of both domestic and international visitors and therefore economic contribution to the wider region.

We believe in action and our mission statement is  “let’s get on with it”