Crossroads Winery

Crossroads is a privately-owned boutique winery, who have been producing wines for over 20 years. Our wines are a true expression of our uniquely positioned vineyards. This ability to source fruit from a selection of vineyards around Hawke’s Bay allows our winemakers to select parcels that best showcase premium Hawke’s Bay winemaking.

We have a unique flagship wine, with a unique wine blend – a blend you will never find anywhere else in the world. Talisman.

The grape varieties utilised within Talisman remain a closely guarded secret. The culmination of painstaking hands-on nurturing of this wine throughout the winemaking process, results in a complex, flagship wine worthy of the Talisman label.

Come and visit us. Taste through our award-winning wines, Tawny Port and iconic Talisman wine (please note, there may be a small tasting fee to taste through our Reserve wines.



A tasting fee may apply for our Reserve wines.

Opening Times

Crossroads Winery is open 7 days 11.00am to 4.30pm.  Closed on Sundays throughout Winter.

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P +64 (0)6 879 9737


1747 Korokipo Road

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