The Damson Collection

Since 2009, The Damson Collection has been bringing you beautiful fruit from a bygone era - hand-crafted into a delicious range of gourmet treats.

The intense colour and flavour of the Damson plum is fast becoming a modern-day favourite for food lovers ... contemporary tastes, old-fashioned flavour.

The Damson Collection is an award-winning producer of Damson plum products and gourmet treats. Made from the best ingredients - without artificial preservatives, colours or flavours - we capture the natural sharpness of the Damson in each and every product.  We are New Zealand’s premium Damson brand, available to you online, through artisan foodstores, corporate gift companies, and selected supermarkets throughout New Zealand.

Damson Plums have been a tradition of the Chambers family for many years, so when Tom purchased his orchard in 1990, he planted a hedgerow of Damsons. In 2004 he met Margie and introduced her to the family and its traditions. During the next two years, and with plenty of ideas they planted a few more damson trees. In 2009, along with their friend Catherine Rusby they launched The Damson Collection.

Margie says "we are passionate about many things, but important to you is that we love to eat, entertain and we adore Damsons".

Tom has a sustainable approach to growing our fruit and this extends into the kitchen where we only use quality ingredients, we don't need or want preservatives, so we don't use them. All our products are hand made with care and enthusiasm.

Over time the team has grown and changed, but the principles remain the same, we still adore Damsons, we still love to entertain and we are proud to share our range with you our customers.


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