Supervision: An Introduction

Know the key skills for managing other people as well as their work.

When you manage other people, you need to balance your own development alongside managing and leading your team. This popular one day course will provide many of the tools you need to cope with this juggling act.

You'll work on a number of skills relating to motivating and leading teams, as well as good practice in communication and objective setting. If you are new to your leadership role, you will find this workshop provides you with an excellent introduction and a good basis for our other management and supervision programmes.

Session topics:
So that you can confidently supervise and lead your team, this workshop is designed to support everyday tasks from delegation to handling conflict:

What is supervision?
- The role and responsibilities of the supervisor
- The ideal qualities, characteristics and skills needed for supervising people
- How to make the transition to a supervisory position
- The benefits of delegation and how to do it well
- Understanding different motivations
- The Win/Win principle of conflict resolution
- Structuring an effective 1:1
- The communication process - listening, questioning and clarifying

Your learning outcomes:
- Afterwards, you'll be able to…
- Effectively and confidently instruct a team of people
- Understand the key principles of supervision
- Motivate and develop your team to continuously improve performance
- Deal with difficult situations confidently and decisively

Includes workbook, arrival tea or coffee, morning tea, lunch and afternoon tea.

Members (Early bird): $425 + GST (Early Bird applies to bookings made one month prior to the course date).

To find out more contact -

Phone: 0800778776
Restrictions: All Ages


Cost Type: Non-member (+GST) - $650
Cost Type: Business Central Member (+GST) - $499


Tue 03 Oct, 9:00am-4:00pm
Tue 26 Sep, 9:00am-4:00pm

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