Sue Nicholson Psychic Development Workshop - Level 1

Level One - An introduction to developing your psychic abilities.

Spend the day with psychic powerhouse Sue Nicholson - see first-hand how she connects to the Spirit world and learn fascinating exercises designed to help you tap into your own psychic ability. The Sensing Murder psychic medium will help you to explore and get touch with your six senses as she demonstrates how she sees, hears and feels Spirit.

Connect with your guides, learn to read auras and utilise other tools that bring out your unique psychic gifts to help you to make the right choices and decisions in life.

This is an introductory course where you will be exposed to various modalities of receiving messages from Spirit world to discover your communication style with the Other Side.

Outline of Day:
- Sue's journey to the psychic world.
- Preparing to connect with spirit, balancing chakras.
- Sue will personally open your third eye using ancient symbols and rites.
- Pendulum exercises.
- And what is the other side? Who is a Spirit? And how do they work with us on the Earth Plane?
- Personally meeting your loved ones, Angels, and guides.
- Psychometry - demonstration, teaching, and practice.
- Auras - demonstration, teaching, and practice.
- Physically see Sue's guides 'move over her'
- Oracle card readings.
- Questions and answers.

Lunch and tea break will be supplied.

Restrictions: R18


Cost Type: Workshop Admission - $385


Sun 06 Aug, 9:00am-4:00pm

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