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One of the primary legal duties in everyone’s workplace is to constantly identify, monitor and control risks and hazards in order to prevent workplace injuries and illnesses. This course encourages you to take a comprehensive approach to risk management and to work towards actively eliminating or minimising your hazards.

Learn your duties, as well as strategies and resources, that will help you keep identifying risks in your workplace, regardless of the nature of your business and your role in it.

This course is designed to ideally run back to back with our Accident Reporting and Investigation.

To find out more contact - training@businesscentral.org.nz.

Phone: 0800 778 776
Web: http://businesscentral.org.nz/training-and-events/courses/health-and-safety/hazard-management
Restrictions: All Ages


Cost Type: Non Members - $650
Cost Type: Business Central Members - $499


Fri 01 Sep, 9:00am-4:00pm

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