Other Peoples' Stories

Stephen Daisley is a novelist who is an ex-shearer and oil and gas worker; Deborah Challinor has a PhD in New Zealand History and is a novelist and historian. Coming from different directions, they have both taken on the risk of writing about war.

With Lizzie Russell as Chair, they discuss what it takes to tell other people’s stories, how close a writer has to be to maintain respect for their subject, and how much they have the right to imagine.

Deborah Challinor’s 'Grey Ghosts' is based on her research into the Vietnam War and the first-hand accounts of veterans. Stephen Daisley’s 'Coming Rain', which sees the suffering of returned soldiers, won the 2016 Acorn Foundation Prize for Fiction.

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Restrictions: All Ages


Cost Type: Admission - $18


Sun 08 Oct, 11:00am-12:00pm

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