Winter F.A.W.C!

F.A.W.C! Food & Wine Classic Hawke’s Bay is a delicious series of out of the box seasonal food and wine events held twice a year throughout Hawke’s Bay.

Winter F.A.W.C! is Summer F.A.W.C!'s hot and slightly cheeky little sister, wrapped in fur sitting by a well-stoked fire.

In June, we are bringing you four fabulous Winter F.A.W.C! weekends to celebrate the seasonal goodness winter brings.

Hunker down in cosy locations with roaring fires, musical notes and endless lashings of local lamb, venison and sumptuous earthy produce prepared in a multitude of warming ways. Glasses of rich, full bodied Hawke's Bay Reds will be flowing as the region's food and wine heroes strut their stuff at delicious events.

F.A.W.C! by 5 is the perfect side dish to the Winter F.A.W.C! event line-up.

For the entire month of June, an array of Hawke's Bays finest restaurants, cafes and bars will be serving special Winter F.A.W.C! menu selections. These will come in $5 offerings.

F.A.W.C!ers get the inside word and access to pre-sale tickets, so sign up now.

See you for all the F.A.W.C! goodness from the 1st - 24th of June 2018.