Kete-Puāwai - Basket of Evolution

Opening 5:30pm, 20 December 2017.

Māori weaving is full of symbolism and hidden meanings. Embodied with the spiritual values of Te-whare-pora and our Māori people. The Kete is seen and recognised as a spiritual vessel. It carry’s the knowledge and wisdom of our Ancestors.

Tāne-te-wānanga is acknowledged for retrieving three baskets of knowledge for mankind. One kete was called Te-kete-aronui, which is known as the basket of progression. Te-kete-aronui contained the knowledge of raranga as well as all things pertaining to the arts.

Puāwai refers to the evolution of Te-whare-pora from the past and to its continuing growth in the present. This exhibition therefore pays tribute to the weavers of the past and to the weavers of the present that continue to revolutionise the Knowledge of Te-whare-pora.

"A connection of Te-whare-pora from the past and Te-whare-pora of the present. The kairaranga are a selection of students from Te-Wānanga-o-Aotearoa (Whirikoka Campus) to exhibit taonga raranga alongside Raranga tahito." - Erin Rauna

Restrictions: All Ages


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