Urzila Carlson - Studies Have Shown

Every time you hear, “studies have shown” you know you’re about to learn something ridiculous! Studies have shown your dog is happier than your cat!

Who cares! How about they give funding to scientists to come up with a way to eradicate the unibrow or those weird thin white hairs you occasionally find attached to your face! Let’s get some research done on what happens to your blood pressure when your kid keeps getting out of bed when you’ve tucked them in 20 f***ing times already!

Phone: 0800842538
Web: http://urzilacarlson.com/
Restrictions: R16


Cost Type: Allocated Seating - $42.5
Cost Type: Concession Allocated Seating - $40.5


Sun 25 Jun, 7:30pm-12:00am

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