The Creamery

Proudly supported by: Origin Earth

The irrepressible Java Dance returns to the festival with their captivating new work, The Creamery. Inspired by their visits to cheesemakers in Hawke’s Bay, Wairarapa and France, The Creamery is a tantalising blend of dance, theatre, live music and cheese-making.

Enter the sumptuous world of cheese-making where artisans compete to win your favour and create the finest slice of cheese. We embark on a cream-filled journey from the mountains to the market where fortunes are made and the curds are separated from the whey. Baths of milk, dripping wax, the smell of fresh herbs and the call of the cows will transport you to The Creamery.

From the creators of the 2015 festival hits, Back of the Bus, The Wine Project and Dirt and Other Ingredients, The Creamery has all the ingredients for deliciously entertaining night out.

Choreographed by: Sacha Copland
Live music by: Tristan Carter & Charley Davenport
Cast and Creators: Emma Coppersmith, Lauren Carr, and Natalie Hona

Restrictions: All Ages


Cost Type: Premier - $52
Cost Type: Adult - $42
Cost Type: Concession - $37


Fri 29 Sep, 9:30pm-10:30pm

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