A Prudent Man

A well-groomed, confident-looking man enters the room and sits on a comfortable and expensive-looking leather chair. A bright light shines on him. There’s water and a glass on a table, but that’s all. Perhaps this is an investigation. What has he done wrong?

What makes the Trumps, the Abbotts and the Hansons of this world tick? What would happen if their world started to shift ever so slightly?

Embodying their slogans, mannerisms and headlines, A Prudent Man is an amalgamation of recent history's conservative politicians.

This award-winning darkly comedic political thriller asks what it means to be right...in more ways than one.

NB: There is a strict Lock Out for this performance.

Phone: 06 651 2487
Web: http://www.hbaf.co.nz/event-programme/event/PD17
Restrictions: R16


Cost Type: adult - $49
Cost Type: concession - $42
Cost Type: Concession - $37


Fri 29 Sep, 7:30pm-8:20pm

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